Accreditation and Training Services
Accreditation and Training Services

Appeals Against the Assessment Decision

Appeals against the Assessor’s assessment decision should be verbally lodged with the Assessor at the time of being informed of the decision. The assessor will review the evidence and make a decision within seven (7) days.

\If the client, as a result of a non-attainment of a competency lodges a written appeal against the decision it may be necessary to re-assess the competency with another Assessor.  This process will be managed by the Training Director. If after further assessments the Training Director determines that the client has not reached competency but the client does not agree with that decision, then the client may submit his/her further appeal, in writing, to Chief Executive Officer. 

The appeal is to be lodged no later than seven (7) days after the initial decision by the Training Director.  The CEO will appoint a chairperson of the Academic Appeals Committee to review the clients appeal.  The client will be invited to attend a hearing where they can put their case forward. 
After reaching a decision the client will be notified in writing within seven (7) days of the hearing.  The committee’s decision is final. 

Clients who are not satisfied with the appeal process and outcome may refer the matter to an independent arbitrator acceptable to both parties at their own cost.

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