Accreditation and Training Services
Accreditation and Training Services

Complaints and Appeals Policy

Our complaints and appeal policies form an integral part of AATS’s quality management system. In most cases issues with course content or the attitude of trainers and assessors are communicated and resolved during the debriefing at the end of the course as part of the feedback process in an informal manner.

Students are encouraged to first discuss any issues with their trainer/assessor. If the concern cannot be resolved with the trainer/assessor then the complaint should be directed in writing to AATS management. 

Management will appoint a person or persons to deal with the complaint. Students who feel they have a genuine complaint have the right to a fair hearing at which they may state their concerns. Management will inform students of receipt of complaint within 48 hours and advise the complainant of the requirement for natural justice principles to be afforded to the other party (if applicable). Student will be advised of the resolution and outcome within seven (7) days of receiving the complaint. 

If the student accepts the outcome/resolution the matter is considered resolved and the complaint finalised.  If the student does not accept the decision they must submit an appeal in writing to the CEO within seven (7) days of decision by Management. After reaching a decision the client will be notified in writing within seven (7) days of the review (and hearing if applicable).  The CEO’s decision is final. 

Clients who are not satisfied with the complaint process and outcome may refer the matter to an independent arbitrator acceptable to both parties at their own cost.

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