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Do you have a question or a compliment?  Do you have a suggestion or complaint?
Accreditation and Training Services (AATS) cares about your opinions on the services we offer.

Please help us improve the training and other services we offer by giving us your comments, suggestions or concerns. Also let us know anything that impresses you about our services. Feel free to speak to any of our staff or you may like to write your comments on this form.

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    NOTE FOR STUDENTS: If you wish to raise a learning/educational issue, please discuss this matter with your trainer before submitting this form. If the situation has not then been resolved to your satisfaction, please complete and submit this form.

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    Privacy Notice
    Accreditation and Training Services is collecting the information on this form for the purpose of continuous improvement. Only authorised staff have access to this information. Your personal information will not be disclosed to any other third party without your consent, unless authorised or required by law, in accordance with the Information Privacy Act.

    DETAILS OF SUGGESTION / ISSUE / COMPLIMENT (Please provide as much information as possible.)

    What happens after my form is submitted?

    Once collected, each form is registered and then directed to the management for response. It is our aim to acknowledge all feedback forms within 48 hours of receipt. If you have provided your contact details you will receive a response via email, phone, or letter, and you will be advised if the issue needs further action.


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