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Refund Policy

Refund and Cancellation Policy

The following information is also outlined in our Student Handbook.

Fees Structure

Fees must be paid in full upon commencement of your course unless management has approved other arrangements. The student acceptance agreement provided on the enrolment form is considered an acceptance of all fees and charges associated with your enrolment. AATS reserves the right to withhold the issuing of qualifications and/or statement of attainments until all fees have been paid.

Withdrawals and Refunds

Students who decide to withdraw from a course and seek a refund must apply to AATS by completing a withdrawal form/application for refund as advised in the fees and conditions pre-enrolment information provided. Students who withdraw from a course within the first four (4) hours of attendance will be granted a refund less a charge of $50 for administration costs. Students who withdraw from a course after 5pm on the first day of attendance will not be granted a refund.

Full refund applies where:

• The course is cancelled by AATS

• The student is unable to attend due to changes made by AATS e.g. dates or location

• There are extenuating circumstances involving the student that have been discussed prior to commencement of the course. Refund is determined at the discretion of AATS management after discussion with the client.


Extenuating circumstances

AATS understands that in some cases of extenuating circumstances such as ill health and hardship that a client may not be able to continue the course. In these instances AATS will determine the refund if any based on the clients circumstances and through discussion between the client and AATS management to ensure a fair outcome for both parties. AATS may change or waiver the terms of the refund policy only in circumstances that are agreed upon and beneficial to the client.

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